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Wireless Mics and a Little More

Wireless Mics Overview

We would never rent from any other company!
— LT - Choir Director -outstate MN highschool - 13 channels Sennheiser Evolution G3

Wireless Mic Systems

Whether it’s the Cadillac of wireless you need, or the ever reliable Prius [and other car metaphors in between], we’ve got the wireless system to fit your production. Shure Axient Digital is our top of the line, and I’m not gonna lie, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkston [and Snoop Dogg] have rented it from us. #namedrop Shure ULXD is our digital workhorse, providing tons of channels of stable wireless performance in tidy quad and dual receiver form factors. Shure UHF-R, now discontinued at Shure, is our high-end analog wireless system that we will rent until the end because singers and rappers love it. Finally, Sennheiser Evolution G3 has been our mainstay solid analog wireless system that is perfect for middle schools, churches, and smaller productions, looking for 16 channels or fewer.


Shure axient digital

Four-channel “quad” [AD4Q] and two-channel “dual” [AD4D] receivers take AD1 beltpack and AD2 handheld transmitters. Axient Digital offers high-performance RF and transparent digital audio. Dante™ digital networking ready. Wide tuning [470-616 MHz], true digital diversity reception per channel for drop-out resistance, networked control with Wireless Workbench® software, locking AC connectors. Top notch. Always racked up to your configuration with 10’ XLR snake, frequency coordinated—ready to plug in and go.


SHure ULX-D [digital]

Four-channel “quad” [ULXD4Q] and two-channel “dual” [ULXD4D] receivers take ULXD1 beltpack and ULXD2 handheld transmitters. Dante™ digital networking ready. ULX-D offers uncompromising audio quality, RF signal stability, and up to 64 MHz digital tuning range [we have G50: 470 - 534 MHz, and H50: 534 - 598 MHz]. ULX-D is perfect for when your production goes above 16 channels. We can jam in a LOT of clean, digital channels for worry-free performance.


SHURE UHF-R [analog]

Two-channel “dual” [UR4D] receivers take UR1 beltpack, UR2 handheld, and the UR1M micro-bodypack transmitters. UHF-R® Wireless systems master the intense pressure and extreme conditions of any touring, installation or broadcast environment, while delivering unmatched Shure sound, RF signal stability, and 60 MHz analog tuning range [we have H4: 518-578 MHz]. Artists love UHF-R for live vocals, guitar and bass.



Single-channel “half-rack” [EM 100 G3] receivers take SK 100 G3 beltpacks and SK 100 G3 handheld transmitters. From Sennheiser: “This wireless series is for all who want it all from their stage equipment: powerful, absolute ruggedness and reliability.” Sennheiser also boasts “unstinting equipment levels” so you know it’s German [unermüdlich]. This is our “starter” analog wireless system, but it is a toy by no means. We carry 3 bands of Evolution G3: A1: 470 - 516 MHz + A: 516 - 558 MHz + G: 566 - 608 MHz]. With these systems we successfully coordinate up to 16 channels in your area. For more channels, we recommend you bump up to Shure ULXD, listed above.